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Nutritional Services For Eating Disorder Treatment

Registered Dietitans at The Community Health Collaborative specialize in nutrition rehabilitation and work with individuals to create and maintain a balanced meal plan.  Additionally, they provide Nutrition Therapy for men and women recovering from eating disorders. Eating disorder related illnesses that are treated include: anorexia, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders.  Appointments provide ample time for thorough, collaborative nutritional sessions.  Following your appointments there will be timely coordination with the rest of your treatment team.

Aparna Ramadurai resize.jpg
Aparna Ramadurai, RD 
(408) 827-5237

Aparna Ramadurai is an independent nutrition consultant and registered dietitian with over 13 years experience in clinical nutritional management, medical and surgical weight management, health education and wellness.  She specializes in adopting evolving medical and technological research into developing nutritional strategies for community health and wellness.

Aparna completed her Masters/Certificate training in Dietetics at Loma Linda University, CA and is certified in Adult Weight Management by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. After practicing medical nutrition therapy at an inpatient facility for 6 years, she specialized in surgical and non-surgical weight management for the past 4 years.  She has worked extensively with patients undergoing gastric banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures by modifying their lifestyle prior to surgery and helping them manage their post-operative nutritional needs.  In addition to weight management, she has worked with individuals suffering from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and other medical conditions.

Aparna is passionate about counseling and health education with primary emphasis on lifestyle management which is key to any successful Health & Wellness program.  Her approach to nutrition care is personalized to each patient’s needs. One diet or lifestyle choice does not fit all.  She believes that a healthy, moderately-portioned, balanced diet combined with adequate physical activity lays the VITAL foundation to a healthy LIFE!

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