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Therapy Services for Eating Disorder Treatment

Therapists at The Community Health Collaborative aim to provide healthy, effective ways of coping with the difficulties life inevitably presents. Additionally, some of the therapists below have advanced training in Family Based Therapy (also known as Maudsley Therapy), the only evidence-based treatment for teenagers with eating disorders.  Eating disorder related illnesses that are treated include: anorexia, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders.  Appointments provide ample time for thorough, collaborative therapy sessions.  Following your appointments there will be timely coordination with the rest of your treatment team.

Nan Shaw, LCSW
(925) 876-5943

Nan Shaw, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker and FBT credentialed  therapist.  Nan has been treating eating disorders for over 30 years, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings and specializing in treating both eating disorder sufferers and their families. 

In addition, Nan had a 21-year tenure with Kaiser Permanente, serving as the clinical and administrative lead in the Eating Disorder Treatment Program at Oakland Kaiser, as well as holding the position of  Best Practices Chair for Eating Disorders for Northern California Kaiser. Nan developed and implemented several group programs (DBT, ACT) as well as  established an eating disorder medical clinic in the department of medicine to treat patients needing urgent medical care. Nan participated in writing and  updating Best Practices recommendations, developing training programs and organizing conferences for evidenced-based eating disorder treatments, facilitating a weekly advisory panel for providers to consult on difficult cases, piloting technologies to use with eating disorder clients, and developing  procedures to measure outcomes. Nan also wrote a training manual for new providers to the field of eating disorders (“Mistakes and Missteps in Working with Eating Disorder Patients and Strategies for Clinicians to Manage Them”).

Nan joined The Healthy Teen Project in 2014 as Program Director and is now in private practice, continuing to work in the field of eating

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